Field Strength Pro version 1.0
for MS-Windows XP
N. Wakai, H. Ueda, K. Imamura and Y. Takahashi
Nov. 1st, 2005

Copyright (C) 2005 NICT and N. Wakai
All Rights Reserved.


1. About Field Strength Pro
2. Notice
3. Requirements
4. Usage
5. Acknowledgment

1. About Field Strength Pro

Field Strength Pro is a free software to calculate Expected Field Strength
Value. Field Strength Pro is applicable for calculating field strengths of
LF/MF waves for frequencies from about 40 to 500 kHz over ground ranges up
to 4000 km. Field Strength Pro is primarily based on the wave hop method in
Rec. ITU-R P.684 for the sky-waves and on Rec. ITU-R P.368 for the ground-wave.

2. Notice

Field Strength Pro is a free software.

There is no warranty for damages caused by using this application.

Without written permission by the authors, you may not distribute
modified Field Strength Pro, and may not distribute Field Strength Pro
for profit.

Before you send requests, questions and bug reports to the authors,
please read carefully this file.

The author will appreciate any kind of support from you
if it does not put the authors under some obligation.

You can find the e-mail address of the authors and you may find the latest version of Field Strength Pro at the following sites:

3. Requirements

Supported operating system:

MS-Windows XP

4. Usage
4.1 Necessary files
The following files are needed. Extract FSPRO.lzh to get the following files.

File name Explanation
fs_pro_e.exe Executable file of the Application of Field Strength Pro
AF1.dat Data file(The fixed number)
AF2.dat Data file(The fixed number)
AF3.dat Data file(The fixed number)
CSX.dat Data file(The fixed number)
D.dat Data file(The fixed number)
DG.dat Data file(The fixed number)
F.dat Data file(The fixed number)
FCS.dat Data file(The fixed number)
FF.dat Data file(The fixed number)
FG.dat Data file(The fixed number)
FREQ.dat Data file(Quantity to be input) Operating frequency of transmitter in kHz
GCM.dat Data file(The fixed number)
GCR.dat Data file(The fixed number)
GCT.dat Data file(The fixed number)
GW1.dat Data file(The fixed number)
GW3.dat Data file(The fixed number)
GW.dat Data file(The fixed number)
LATRLONR-e.dat Data file(Quantity to be input) City name and Geographic latitude and longitude of receiver in degrees and its decimals with minus sign for southern latitude
LATT.dat Data file(Quantity to be input) Geographic latitude of transmitter in degrees and its decimals with minus sign for southern latitude
LONT.dat Data file(Quantity to be input) Geographic longitude of transmitter in degrees and its decimals with minus sign for western longitude
MON.dat Data file(Quantity to be input) Month for which the calculation be made
P.dat Data file(Quantity to be input) Transmit power in kW
PS.dat Data file(The fixed number)
RCX1.dat Data file(The fixed number)
RCX2.dat Data file(The fixed number)
RCX3.dat Data file(The fixed number)
RESUL.dat Data file(The fixed number)
YR.dat Data file(Quantity to be input) Solar activity epoch

4.2 Configuration of file construction and give a necessary input of data file
The file configuration example is as follows.

<Directory configuration example>
         |  fs_pro_e.exe
         |  AF1.dat
         |  AF2.dat
         |  AF3.dat
         |  CSX.dat
         |  D.dat
         |  DG.dat
         |  F.dat
         |  FCS.dat
         |  FF.dat
         |  FG.dat
         |  FREQ.dat
         |  GCM.dat
         |  GCR.dat
         |  GCT.dat
         |  GW1.dat
         |  GW3.dat
         |  GW.dat
         |  LATRLONR-e.dat
         |  LATT.dat
         |  LONT.dat
         |  MON.dat
         |  P.dat
         |  PS.dat
         |  RCX1.dat
         |  RCX2.dat
         |  RCX3.dat
         |  RESUL.dat
         |  YR.dat

4.3 Execution of the application

Double-click executable file( fs_pro_e.exe) to make it carry out.

4.4 Output

A file name as FSresult-e0.txt is saved simultaneously with the output of display.
(If the Quantities to be input are all in the value of default, the output results will give the expected field strength of Tokyo from Hagane-yama LF station, Japan.)
5. Acknowledgment

The authors would like to thank everyone who sent bug reports and suggestions.
The authors especially thank the people who have supported the development of
Field Strength Pro.