Near the summit of the Ohtakadoya-yama on the border
between Tamura City and Kawauchi Village in Fukushima Prefecture
Elevation: approx. 790m
Latitude: 3722'21"N
Longitude: 14050'56"E
2.Transmission Station
Name: Ohtakadoya-yama LF Standard Time and Frequency
Transmission Station (NICT)
Antenna Power: 50kW(antenna efficiency: approx.25%)
Radio Wave Mode: A1B
Carrier frequency: 40kHz
Total area of station: approx.88,668 m2
Antenna facility: Umbrella antenna, 250m above ground
Operation: Continuation (except for the period of maintenance and inspection of instruments and protection of lightning.)
The service has started from June in 1999.
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