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Contact us

1. Mail address:
                 * Reception Report should be sent by Air mail or Sea mail. Not in email.
2. Telephone number: +81-42-327-6985
                     Japan Standard Time Group
3. Address: 4-2-1 Nukui-Kitamachi Koganei
                     Tokyo Japan 184-8795
                     Japan Standard Time Service Group
                     Space-Time Standards Laboratory
                     Electromagnetic Standards Research Center
                     Radio Research Institute
                     National Institute of Information and Communications Technology


MATSUBARA, Kensuke Group Leader e-mail: matubara*
KOTAKE, Noboru Senior researcher e-mail: kotake*
ITO, Hiroyuki Senior researcher e-mail: hito*
OHTSUBO, Nozomi Senior researcher e-mail: ohtsubo*

 ※Please replace "*" with "@nict.go.jp."