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Command to get the Time and Date Information

4.1 Kind of commands
    The command list is below, and you can get them on-line by "Help" or "?" command.
    Please push the return key ( send a CR code ) at the end of the command character strings.
    The CR code is attached to the end of the response strings.
    Two or three characters at the beginning of the command can be substituted for full command. For example "TI" or "TIM"is recognized as "TIME" command. Please use the "LOC" for the "LOCAL" command , because "LO" is recognized as the "LOOP" command.
    All of the commands and responses are expressed by ASCII characters (except for the INFO commands).
    For the command input, either capital or small letter in ASCII is available.
    In the expressions of the response, "hh" is hour, "mm" is minute, "ss" is second, "YYYY" means year in four number and "YY" means the last number of the year, "MM" is the month, "DD" is the day, and _ means the space. Every date and time data without special notice is based on JST.
Command Meaning Response Expression
TIME Sending JST time code for 3 seconds hhmmss
JST Sending JST time code continuously hh:mm:ss (continuously)
UTC Sending UTC time code continuously hh:mm:ss (continuously)
CR Stop command of JST or UTC time code  
DATE Sending date YYMMDD
UDATE Sending date(UTC) YYMMDD
DJAP Sending date(Japanese style) YY/MM/DD
DUSA Sending date(American style) MM/DD/YY
DEUR Sending date(European style) DD-MM-YY
4DATE Sending date YYYYMMDD
LEAPSEC Whether there is an standard time adjustment(leap second) or not Just before nine o'clock of the next day.
No adjustment of JST
Adjustment of JST(insert a leap second)
Adjustment of JST(delete a leap second)

LOCAL Time difference with UTC
In usually time
In a period of summer time

SUMMER Period of summer time
Without summer time setting
With summer time setting

LOOP Entering the loop back mode
COM Coming off the loop back mode
INFO Explaining of the information
HELP Available command list (in English)
? Available command list (in English)
BYE Log off(Use this command for normal termination.)
END Log off ( Use this command for normal termination.)
4.2 Timing of the prompt
  • The prompt character is ">" in half size character.
  • The prompt is transmitted following the log-in message.
  • The prompt is transmitted after the command processing for all commands, except for "JST", "UTC", and "LOOP" command.
  • For "LOOP" command, the prompt is transmitted 1 second later after the command processing.
  • For "JST" and "UTC" command, the prompt is transmitted after receiving the CR code and processing the command.
4.3 Handling of the False command
    For the one-time error, the false command and the "?" are backed and prompt is expressed.
    When you miss the command input several times, the prompt is expressed after the message "HELP command shows the available command list".